Bellroy Leather Travel Wallet Black Rfid Review

The bellroy leather travel wallet black rfid has any of a perfect selections of men wallet features available on the mens wallets marketplace at under $130 price. It’s all your travel documents in your pocket – with a pen and all.

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As a perfect mens wallets, slim your wallet
bellroy puts its heart, soul and countless design hours into helping the world carry better. every product has been deeply considered to get you moving through life with greater ease.

fit your travel documents in your pocket
airports can be stressful, and keeping your passport, tickets, boarding passes and foreign cash neatly stowed and exactly where you need them important for stress-free transit. the travel wallet enables you to keep all of your important documents in one place while fitting snugly in your pocket.

it features two sections for bills (to help keep your currencies separate), a tailored passport pouch, card slots and even an included micro pen. so, the only thing left to think about is what’s beyond the airport.

made from premium environmentally certified leather
we use only premium top-grain leather which is double tanned under gold-rated lwg environmental protocols, to make sure it ages much more gracefully than surface-painted leather. this means each bellroy you pick up not only stands the test of time, it gets better as the years go on.

b>backed by a 3 year warranty
we pay great attention to our materials and construction. our products are made to last, and as such come backed by a 3 year warranty from the day of purchase, when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended. try not to stuff your wallet with more than the recommended amount, or put things in there that don’t belong (like ninja stars for example). if you do, it can stretch the leather and put undue stress on the stitching and other materials. the warranty covers you against faults in materials or workmanship.

This bellroy leather travel wallet black rfid fit for you who want men wallet with all your travel documents in your pocket – with a pen and all. designated sections for passport, tickets, bills and 4-10 cards. fits all ‘standard’ size passports (doesn’t fit german or irish passports). made from environmentally certified top-grain leather and backed by a 3 year warranty. measures 3.8 inches tall x 6 inches wide / 97mm tall x 150mm wide.

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